Japan is attractive for investor

One news media said that investment to Japan real estate is more attractiveness than to China real estate in many area according to China’s Sonan newspaper’s article on 12th Dec.

Source: http://news.searchina.net/id/1625098?page=1

The article said the real estate investment into China is already hard because of the price of the major area such as Beijin, Shnaghai, Shenzen. On the other hand some Chinese pay attention to clean and beautiful country Japan.


Why Japan?

The news stated several points.

  • Yield in Japan is 4-8%. Much higher than China.
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic influence to the real estate value.
  • Property management is much easier than China.
  • Living in Tokyo is much more relaxing than China because of the lifestyle and pollution.


Actual yield?


This is the yield gap data published by the reliable source.

Source: http://www.joneslanglasalle.co.jp/japan/ja-jp/Documents/Other%20Reports/JLL_Abenomics2015_E.pdf

Tokyo is higher than the other benchmark city. It is proofed what that article said.

Now is the good time if you think about new investment into Japan especially Tokyo. There are some difficulty to find suitable real estate because of the language, business culture.

But it is worth to try. There are many real estate company here in Japan, which is more than 250,000 companies. Find reliable one, and you will be able to owe to start the real estate business here in Tokyo!