Can foreigner buy the property in Japan?

Yes, you can.

In Japan, there are no restrictions in regards to real estate ownership of both land and building.

Foreigners regardless of their visa status may purchase property.

Return from Japan real estate


Source: https://www.nri.com/~/media/PDF/jp/opinion/r_report/kinyu_keizai/japanreport2015_en.pdf

Currently the return seems good and stable.

There are 2 points here, one is capital gain and the other is income return. 2009, the capital gain was sharply dropped under the strong influence from the financial crisis. On the other hand, few impact was given to the income return.

Costs Incurred in Purchasing Real Estate and Home Loans

Some of the costs that are involved in a real estate purchase are agent fee, ownership registration fee, taxes and other expenses in addition to the sales price of a property.

Choosing property

There are many way to search the property but most of the information on the internet is also well seen by other investors.

Ken Corporation: http://www.kencorp.com/

Plaza Homes:      http://www.realestate-tokyo.com/

Find reliable realestate company and ask them to find appropriate property for you.

Speed is very critical factor to get a good property.