The fact of Tokyo

The real estate investment market is still active in Japan.

Off course, Tokyo is the most active area and there are a lot of chance to buy a profitable property.

Having said that my friends keep telling me “ it is hard to get the information for the commercial property which is a decent size for a business man. Where can we find good one? “.

One of the answer is here.

Following is the yield rate trend for the condominioum building.

Source: Nomucom Pro http://www.nomu.com/pro/trend/market/20160808.html

Blue line: Tokyo center 5 district

Red line:  Tokyo 23 wards

Green line: Yokohama, Kawasaki ( Nearby city )


Yokohama, Kawasaki yield seems 2 % higher and seems stable. This trend can be seen in the the apartment building.

Limited information of Tokyo real estate

Many article about Japan real estate said that the average of the yield is about 4%.

I guess the information provider just benchmark Tokyo commercial property which has a decent size for the commercial investor. What the private investors like us is looking for could be the value of 500K$-2MM$ with more than 6-8% yield.

How to start?

It is surely not so easy for non-Japanese to access the information because of the language barrier.

Find a reliable real estate company first. That is the 1st step to make an profitable investment here in Tokyo.